Representatives of the Latvian Beekeeping Association visit “Adazi” heath

State Centre for Defence Military Sites and Procurement in Project is responsible for habitat restoration works in nature conservation site "Ādazi".  During the project 1640 ha of rare and protected birds habitats were restored. 1120 ha is heath where favourable living conditions are not only for birds, but also for insects, including bees.

Bees are known for their role in pollination. 80 % of all plants are pollinated by bees. Bees, therefore, are one of the most important elements in preserving biodiversity and ensuring ecosystem stability.

Heath, like grassland habitats, is a good example - as concrete conservation measures can also contribute to the development of entrepreneurship. For several decades beekeepers are placing bee hives in "Ādaži" (1,800 bee hives in 2017), obtaining one of the highest-quality honey types - heather honey.

Most honey is collected in restored heath, because younger heather shrubs have more flowers and thus also nectar.  Heathland under natural conditions develop in dry areas after wildfire, in grazed areas on poor soils, or temporarily occurring also in the clear-cuts. The unmanaged heath gradually overgrows. Scrubs and trees do not only physically occupy the space but also create the shading thus hampering the development of young heather. To restore open landscape and to help the heath to rejuvenate, heathland should be managed regularly.

On 31 July, representatives of the Latvian Beekeeping Association visited the project "Birds in Adazi"  restored heathland in “Ādaži”.