LIFE "Birds in Adazi" project has been completed

The aims of the LIFE+ project "Birds in Ādaži" were:

  • to restore nesting and feeding places for rare birds;
  • to improve the status of the NATURA 2000 site and to educate the military personnel and visitors of the area in order to further preserve the natural heritage;
  • to promote cooperation and exchange of good practices between military Natura 2000 site managers and institutions working with similar species and habitats.

Target species of the project: European Roller, Black Grouse, Woodlark, Red-backed Shrike, Tawny Pipit, European Nightjar and Wood Sandpiper.

During the project we restored 1640 ha of nesting and feeding places of rare and endangered birds. We have implemented one of the largest LIFE + program projects in Latvia. 

  • ha of heath;
  • 20 ha of pine forest;
  • 500 ha of raised bog.

We used varied and innovative nature conservation methods in the project.

In the heathland:

  • we set up 60 nestboxes for European Rollers, as well as 200 impregnated wooden perching poles that help the birds search for food;
  • to restore the open landscape, we cut down trees and bushes. This not only makes the landscape more suitable for birds, but also creates more space for military trainings;
  • we improved heath diversity using mowing and controlled burning;
  • we used an innovative method - sod-cutting, which reduces the overgrowing of the site and positively affects the quality of the heath for many years.
  • In pine (boreal*) forests:

  • we increased the biodiversity of the forest with controlled burning.
  • Raised bog:

  • we cut down trees and built dams on drainage ditches, thus restoring the water level of the bog.
  • In all of the project territory:

  • to prevent violation of regulations of nature conservation (littering with garbage, steeling of wood etc.) we closed illegal roads and set up security cameras and warning signs.

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