Soldiers learn about the nature values of Adazi military training area

In March soldiers of the Adazi garrison received LIFE+ project's publications that present the nature values ​​of the site and invite to take care of them.

1000 waterproof neck bags with printed inserts "Take care of the nature values ​​of Adazi military training area" have been distributed to the soldiers of the Logistic Command 3.Regional Support Centre, 1.Infantry Battalion, 2.Infantry Battalion, Medical Company and allied forces.  Hereafter neck bags will be used by the soldiers during the field trainings.

In the corridors of the buildings of Adazi garrison posters about the heath and its nature values have been placed. Posters and stickers with European Roller and Red-backed Shrike will be also distributed to the participants of the Visitors day's of Adazi military training area.

"Take care of nature in Adazi military training area" (PDF, 4,2 MB), 2015