While migratory birds are in the south, resident birds in “Adazi” survive the winter. By flocking together birds in “Adazi” improves the chances of locating food and huddling together during the critical long night-time period helps conserve the body heat. Short daylight  the birds use for feeding. During the rest of the time they are hiding in vegetation. When snow covers the ground, Black Grouse can shelter from the wind and cold in the holes in snow. During winter Black Grouse eats plants, buds, leaves, seeds and berries. In the early winter morning’s flocks of Black Grouse in “Adazi” are well visible. You have to pay attention to the trees at the edges of the bog. Birds are sitting on the upper branches of the trees, eating buds. Even on the very tiny branches - that looks unusually for this hen size bird.

Rampa's bog (located in "Adazi") is one the best nesting place in Latvia for black grouse.

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