On June 1, celebrating the International Environment Day, the youth guards, young environmentalists of Latvian Natural History Museum and representatives of State Centre for Defence Military Objects and Procurement and National Armed Forces, visited Rampa bog in Ādaži military training area. Tours in a bog were led by scientists – prof. geogr. Laimdota Kalniņa, prof. biol. Māra Pakalne and ornithologist Andris Avotiņš.
Purchasing of the properties ensures protection of these nature values in the long term.

A project “Birds in Ādaži” partner Latvian Ornithological Society did research on impact of military activities on nature values in the Ādaži military training area.

The protected landscape area “Adazi” includes a Rampa bog (raised bog), as well as other smaller bogs. Due to melioration the water level of the bogs is too low. Sphagnum mosses which are typical for the raised bogs in large areas are being replaced by heather and trees.