On June 2, youth guards, young naturalists of the Latvian Museum of Natural History and the representatives of military and nature conservation organizations will get acquainted with a rare bird - Eurasian Nightjar and other nocturnal flying animals. 


Together with the heat wave, on May 19th the first European Roller with the ring "HR" returned in the Adazi military training area's nest box equipped with web cameras from the wintering grounds in Africa.


Live streaming from the nest box of European Roller in Adazi military training area has started in the home page of LIFE+ project "Birds in Adazi" also in 2017.


Educational documentary "Birds in Trenches" has been developed within the LIFE + project "Birds in Adazi". The film tells about the protected landscape area “Adazi” nature values – the unique nature complex, which has formed in the area by continuous military training – and site management.