In July this year, the burning of heath and forest undergrowth was carried out in the Adazi MTA and in the protected landscape area Adazi.


This August restoration works of the natural water level will be started in the drained Rampa Bog - the construction of dams on the drainage ditches – in order to restore altogether 500 hectares of bog.


In the middle of July a new generation of the rare butterfly species Alcon Blue Maculinea alcon have started to fly in the Adazi military training area (MTA) - these specially protected butterflies are found only in the surroundings of the protected landscape area "Adazi". 


On June 2, youth guards, young naturalists of the Latvian Museum of Natural History and the representatives of military and nature conservation organizations will get acquainted with a rare bird - Eurasian Nightjar and other nocturnal flying animals.